Monday, 16 September 2013

Ellisons Directory and Caviar Samples!

Today was the day! I had my first day training to become a beauty therapist, and I loved it! Being the nervous person I am, I'm shocked at how happy I was with today. My tutor is so friendly, the girls in my group are lovely and seem genuinely willing to help and I went away feeling like I have learnt something already!

After having a little group introduction and meeting out tutor, we were given our tunics. Along with that, we were given a free Ellisons professional beauty supply directory, along with a few samples from an Italian brand named Gerard's, link here! A nice little note to start the day off with, who doesn't love free samples?! Especially when one includes a caviar facial cream! The thought of caviar on my face does worry me a little, but it just screams luxury!

After a morning of establishing rules and guidelines for working together as a group and doing a few citizenship activities.. we moved straight onto theory and practical of manicures - the first unit of our qualification. Yes, on the first day I was shown a basic manicure procedure and allowed to practise on my partner! I was so excited!

The next 8 months are going to be an exciting journey for me, and with the first day over with as a success, I can't wait to get into it some more!

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  1. So exciting! New things are always like that! I wish you good luck and I am sure you will do just great!