Monday, 16 September 2013

Ellisons Directory and Caviar Samples!

Today was the day! I had my first day training to become a beauty therapist, and I loved it! Being the nervous person I am, I'm shocked at how happy I was with today. My tutor is so friendly, the girls in my group are lovely and seem genuinely willing to help and I went away feeling like I have learnt something already!

After having a little group introduction and meeting out tutor, we were given our tunics. Along with that, we were given a free Ellisons professional beauty supply directory, along with a few samples from an Italian brand named Gerard's, link here! A nice little note to start the day off with, who doesn't love free samples?! Especially when one includes a caviar facial cream! The thought of caviar on my face does worry me a little, but it just screams luxury!

After a morning of establishing rules and guidelines for working together as a group and doing a few citizenship activities.. we moved straight onto theory and practical of manicures - the first unit of our qualification. Yes, on the first day I was shown a basic manicure procedure and allowed to practise on my partner! I was so excited!

The next 8 months are going to be an exciting journey for me, and with the first day over with as a success, I can't wait to get into it some more!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Preparing for the First Day!

I am writing this whilst sitting in bed, drinking a cup of tea, mooching around the Internet for little winter jackets! How relaxing?!

Tomorrow is the day before I start my NVQ - it has come around so quickly! I've been getting myself prepared over the last few days, making sure I have everything I need. So far, I have bought; a bag to hold all of my things (my kit, lunch etc.), a notepad, pens, a document folder, comfortable shoes, black straight-leg trousers and a few black tee's. I receive the rest of my training uniform when I start on Monday.

I have been so picky about the trousers and shoes I bought to wear for my course. We were told they needed to be comfortable enough to move in when performing treatments, yet formal. I knew I didn't quite fancy typical "black work trousers", the ones that are a boot-cut. I wanted to look a bit more modern. So, I bought this pair from Dorothy Perkins - link here! They are perfect! Paired with the cute ballet flats I chose from Next, link here, I think I will look quite put-together! The shoes are full leather, so very breathable for when I am stood on my feel all day during practical lessons.

 Finding a bag that will carry my small, yet heavy, kit bag along with my lunch for the day, notebook, purse and other things us girls manage to pile into a handbag, but is also cute, matches my training centres uniforms and is not too expensive, was proven to be a difficult task. After hours of searching through ASOS, Topshop and hundreds of other high street online stores, I finally found the perfect one at Cath Kidston. It's oilcloth too, so will be waterproof and unlikely to rip as my kit bag gets heavier over the period of my course! I love it, the fact its navy means it subtly matches our blue uniform tunics! Here it is, and the link.

I will post again after my first day on Monday, and let you know everything about it :-)
Thank you so much for my few new followers, I really appreciate it!