Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Induction Day

So today was my first day at the training centre. The beginning of my journey.
I arrived on time at 10am when I was directed to the conference room. Here we were told all we needed to know about our future course; term dates, timetables, dress code, course modules - the lot.

Speaking to new people is nerve-wracking for me, however I managed to introduce myself to a few people in my class and I was put at ease straight away! Everyone seemed lovely! There are only about 8 girls in my class - with ages ranging from 16 to about 40. All very diverse.

We were given a few minutes to try on uniforms in order to find out our sizes to be ordered. They are dark/royal blue with our training centre's name embroidered on the front. Thank God we have been given decent uniforms, I felt the part straight away!

At the end of the induction, where were given information as to where to get our beautician kits from and how much they would cost. Ours (for NVQ Beauty Therapy Level 2) is very basic, and cost me £36. It includes; a case to keep everything in, 3 different types of tweezers, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, a foot rasp, nail scissors, a 10-piece makeup brush set and a cuticle knife. These will be our own individual tools for the duration of the course. Everything else we will need (such as wax strips, tint, polishes, facial products etc.) will be given to us from the dispensary in the salon.

The days I will be attending the training centre are Monday and Tuesday and Friday 9:30 - 16:30, with Fridays being the days we get to work within the salon at the training centre with genuine clients. Exciting!
So, that sums up my first day at the training centre. I begin my course officially on the 16th September 2013.

I look forward to keeping you posted, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :-)


  1. Good Luck on your first day! How exciting, I can't wait to read all about your journey to becoming the world's best beautician :) x

  2. good luck!! <3


  3. Can't wait to read more! Good luck!